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Accommondation for shootings

Hi there,

are you planing a shooting tour through Switzerland and dont like to spend a lot of money for accomondation?

I started 2011 to offer our 3 guestrooms on separate levels to traveling models. Depending of the room you have an own bathroom or share it with another room. You can use here for free internet over WLAN or LAN, some trainig stuff (hometrainer, powermachine, hantles, bicylces in summer), launderyroom, iron, kitchen and more. Its a little bit like a simple B&B with special stuff for traveling models. A simple breakfast is part of the deal and you can also cook in my studiokitchen – pasta, potatoes and rize and some sauces are always available if you did not find the time to go shopping.

The idea is to offer the guestrooms as a secure base für models which like to visite Switzerland for some days and are ready to shoot with my on a base of 1 night = 1 hour shooting (up to artistic nude). Just Shooting – nothing else…

Maybee that sounds interesting for you? So if you stay here for a week – we shoot 7 hours and you have a lot of free time to arrange some shootings with other photographers. Minimum should be 3 nights for 3 hours. Its important that you understand that this is not a business for me and I prefer to shoot more often with one model and hold the group of models smal. Actually there are between 10 and 15 models from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czech, Italy and other countries comming once a year or more often for some days or some weeks.

The studio and rooms are located in Hallwil (10 minutes by train to the trainstation or the the highway in Lenzburg and from there between 30 and 90 Minutes to Zürich, Basel, Bern, Biel, Luzern, Winterthur and other cities in Switzerland. To find my adress google for Wannenmoos 385 on the world and you will find my house 🙂

If you like to know how I am as a photograher – please take a look to http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/inde … 07&utype=1 or take a look to my profile http://www.modelmayhem.com/2103230 to see some MM-Members I worked with so fare.

I am interested in classical nude shootings and lingerie with female (sometimes also male) models. I do not make any pornografic works. Usually i do also some portrait or fashion pictures during a shooting and I work only with my own modelrelease in wich i reserve all rights (including commercial rights) on the pictures for me. Of course you can get also some pictures of our shootings for your book or portfolio – when i have finished them once.

To take pictures from human beeing, to cauth expressions, to develope poses and to work together with engaged and well motivated models, photographers and other creative people is my motivation. To make better pictures is my target and fairness and respect are important values for me.

If you have a nice face and body (S/XS or 34-38) and if a exchange rate of 1 night = one hour shooting and all other point i mentioned sounds good for you, then please contact me with an email to eye4you@gmx.ch


Some references: http://www.eye4you.ch/voices-after-accomondation/

If you need more references – get in contact with some of my models and guests: