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Models on tour August 2019: Starla

Ich freue mich euch den Besuch von Starla hier in der Schweiz vom 16. bis 18. August 2019 ankündigen zu dürfen.  Bitte richtet alle Anfragen oder Buchungen direkt an das Modell.

I am very proud to announce you the visit of Starla in Switzerland from 16th until 18th of August 2019. If you like to book her,  please write her direct a message to: starlalost@gmail.com

Falls ihr für euer Shooting ein vielseitiges Studio benötigt freue ich mich auf eure Anfrage an meine nachstehende Email-Adresse. If you need a studio for your great shoot please contact me by email to: eye4you@gmx.ch

some beautiful shots of Starla with other photographers:

I am a professional and experienced model. I boast myself as a professional before being a model. I guarantee punctuality and reliability unless under extreme circumstances (I can count on two hands the amount of times this has happened in the last 5 years).

I don’t do TF except under a few exceptions:
– I have free time and am not burnt out
– I can bring a friend to get shots with me (I need duos in my portfolio) OR there’s a full team
– I can submit the photos to magazine or you have a large audience that can contribute to mine
– It’s an interesting concept. Will definitely not be doing anything boudoir TF (Sorry this is what I get paid for most and I have hundreds of photos like this, so no point for me to „build my boudoir portfolio“

I hope you understand! <3

I have one tattoo and two non removable piercings.

I love every modeling genre and am happy to help make your creations come to life. Above all, I like working hard for results – make me climb a waterfall, roll me in mud, etc etc – nothing motivates me more than a good challenge.

I especially love workshops and have plenty of ideas for these if you would like inspiration. .

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