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Models on tour July 2020: Katia Kotenova

Ich freue mich euch den Besuch von Katia hier in der Schweiz vom 15. bis 31. Juli 2020 ankündigen zu dürfen.  Bitte richtet alle Anfragen oder Buchungen direkt an das Modell.

I am very proud to announce you the visit of Katia in Switzerland from 15th until 31st of July 2020. If you like to book her,  please write her direct a message to: nnastiass@mail.ru

Falls ihr für euer Shooting ein vielseitiges Studio mit availabel light und Elinchrome Anlage benötigt freue ich mich auf eure Anfrage an meine nachstehende Email-Adresse. If you need a studio for your great shoot please contact me by email to: eye4you@gmx.ch

some beautiful shots of Katia from other photographers:


I’m a professional model from Russia with 7 years experience in modelling. Acting is my passion. I love experiments and I like being plasticine for a photographer. When a photoraph as an artist or a sculptor molds a creation from me. I am punctual and responsible. I am self-denying in filming and a couple of it led to consequences, so now I do not agree with the types of filming that threaten health or life. For example, it is possible to shoot in water or on rocks at 10-12 degrees (if only for 5 minutes) For me, money is not the most important thing in life. But every work must be paid for. I live on this money.

I do not like it when photographers try to get something more than photos..) And if it seems to you that I’m flirting with you, please remember that I’m playing with the camera)). Open to shoots in Europe. Please do not hesitate to write me about booking, we will think about creating something. My actual photos you can find in Instagram. But please! writ me here for a collaborations!)))




  • Alter 32
  • Körpergröße 154cm
  • Gewicht 41 kg
  • Körpermaße 85cm · 57cm · 89cm
  • BH 75 A
  • Kleidergröße 34 (S)
  • Schuhgröße 35
  • Haare Dunkelblond, Lang
  • Augenfarbe Braun
  • Tattoos Keine
  • Piercings Keine

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